TangGuanhua Lifestyle Contribution Awards




TLCA is awarded to individuals, groups and works that have a sustained and representative contribution to the human lifestyle.

The purpose of the award is to encourage humanity to pursue freedom, equality and happiness,Promote people and people, people’s understanding of the world and life.The final review right and all interpretation rights belong to Tang Guanhua personally. The controversy, influence and resources generated by the award belong to the society.





This award is certainly incomplete, which proves that the nameless contributions of the people has never stopped.

What I want to talk about is that this award will let us know: we need to give more attention and deeper discussion to  those people who are making the society more diversified, acting for mutual respect of human beings, and daring to propose and to continually practice unique lifestyles. The award will also let more unnamed colleagues to be known. Because it is these kinds of small efforts that make us human beings.

I believe that our soul is immortal because of this mysterious and inevitable mission.

I hope to remind myself that the significance of coming to this world is to pursue freedom, equality and happiness.



2019.1.8 中国福州China FuZhou

获奖者Award winner:


泰奥·杨森(Theo Jansen)先生与麦克·雷诺兹(Michael Reynolds)先生。


泰奥·杨森(Theo Jansen)


For almost 30 years, through precise calculations and almost independent work, using ordinary materials such as PVC, Theo Jensen has repeatedly experimented on the Dutch beach to create mechanisms that hunt and move on their own. His actions demonstrated the possibilities of individual imagination, the balance between science and art, sensory and rationality. He also encouraged people to rethink their understanding about perseverance, or meaning of life and time. He provided a revolutionary new perspective on existing knowledge and concepts, opening new frontiers for biology, religion and art. He has made enlightening contributions on how to make life choices, how to understand oneself and nature, and how to measure the attitude of pursuing one’s dreams.

麦克·雷诺兹(Michael Reynolds)


Through more than 40 years of sustainable lifestyle practices, Michael Reynolds teamed up with many unemployed and homeless people to explore and develop sustainable living solutions that integrated architecture, energy and agriculture. Through worldwide efforts and dissemination, the experimental buildings have been legalized. With his foresight for the future of mankind, his courage and will, outstanding organizational and practical talents, Reynolds encouraged and nourished worldwide practitioners of diverse lifestyles to overcome obstacles, refuse shortcuts and move forward.